Green Hotel

Sástó Hotel*** won the Green Hotel award for the second time!

Renewable energy sources

Environmental focus and sustainability were already important aspects during construction, which is why we strived to make maximum use of renewable energy sources. To this end, we have built a geothermal, geothermal heating system, which has been supplemented with solar water-based building engineering and efficient building insulation.

Conscious waste management

The waste is collected and transported selectively, and the green waste of the 2-hectare area surrounding the Sástó Hotel is composted. In addition, we try to minimize waste production with waste compaction equipment.

Energy saving

Only certified compact fluorescents and energy-saving luminaires have been included in the rooms from the beginning. The hotel’s motion and presence-sensing lighting system effectively provides adequate lighting, pleasant light effects and well-being in social and communal spaces, as it automatically shuts off in areas where artificial light is not required at the moment.

Consciously in hotel rooms as well

Guests are kindly requested to change the towels only if necessary, as a lot of excess energy is lost with unnecessary washing. We do not use classic hotel furnishings, but refill soap and shower gel in the hotel rooms.

Environmentally conscious transport

With the help of charging points located in our area, we support the use of vehicles with a lower environmental load. Our future plans include the establishment of our own bicycle rental, with which we will support car-free transport in the Mátra.

Mátra Libegő

The Mátra Libegő, handed over two years ago, as a green means of transport, contributes to the preservation of Sástó's natural values. The approximately 500-meter-long, 124-seat lift connects Sástó to Oxygen Adrenalin Park.