Conference rooms

Our 4 event halls are excellent for organizing and conducting the most varied events, programs and events.

Maple room

The central location of our separate event building is the Maple Hall. The 200 m2 function room is ideal for conferences, team building programs or DJ parties. Equipped with a projector and a screen, the room with natural light can be connected to our Pine Room.

Pine room

The 60 m2 Pine Hall is located in our separate event building. Opening to a covered terrace, the room is ideal for small groups. It can be connected to our maple room, so it is perfect for catering larger events.

Oak room

On the ground floor of our hotel is the Oak Hall, which has natural light and a private balcony. A smaller kitchen serving room can be opened, making it an ideal solution for serving food.

Beech hall

Our 100m2 Beech room is located on the attic of our hotel, which has a natural light, is equipped with a projector and a screen. It is an ideal place for conferences and trainings.

Event and conference room rental

Equipment for rent: flip chart board, projector, screen, microphone and sound system.

Area Natural light Other characteristic U-shape Theater For rent
Oak room 60 m2 many ground floor, balcony 25-30 people 40 people 08:00-19:00
Beech room 100 m2 lot attic 30-40 people 60 people 08:00-19:00
Maple room 200 m2 moderate ground floor, can be connected 30-40 people 150 people 08:00-01:00
Pine room 60 m2 few ground floor, can be connected 25-30 people 40 people 08:00-01:00

Other rooms and areas for rent

Area Capacity For rent
Games room 150 m2 50 people 10:00-01:00
Wine cellar 80 m2 60 people 10:00-22:00
Wellness lobby 40 m2 20 people 10:00-20:00
Willow Hall 60 m2 40-50 people 12:00-20:00
Event tent 150 m2 100 people 08:00-22:00
Built stage 210 m2 50 people 08:00-22:00
Grass area 1200 m2 400 people 10:00-01:00
Outdoor (lake view) terrace 100 m2 25 people 08:00-00:00
Internal terrace 150 m2 50 people 10:00-01:00
Terrace in front of the event hall 90 m2 50 people 08:00-01:00

Our rooms and areas can be rented for half and full days as well as nights!

In order to ensure the safety of the team and the peaceful rest of our individual guests, the presence of a security guard is mandatory in case of night room rental, which we provide!

The price of room rentals depends on the length of the rental and the other services used. For exact prices, please ask us for a unique offer!


Details and interest

Phone: +36 30 415 4899 (Mon-Fri: 8:00-16:00)


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